Logo for the SCECDTThe South Cariboo Early Childhood Development Team (“SC-ECDT”) is a collaborative effort of early years professionals in the South Cariboo. They work together to provide programs and resources to children and their parents/caregivers in support of best-possible development and wellness outcomes. Many services and events for early years children in the South Cariboo exist as a direct result of efforts from the SC-ECDT.


If you access early years services in the South Cariboo for your children, you can help the SC-ECDT by participating in their quarterly surveys, which we link to on our website. Please see the button at the bottom of the page.


The following information belongs to the South Cariboo Early Childhood Development Team with which the South Cariboo Early Years Centre is a collaborator. It pertains directly to the SC-ECDT, and should not be confused as information that belongs to the South Cariboo Early Years Centre or its parent organizations.


About the South Cariboo Early Childhood Development Team:




Strong children and families reaching their full potential in an environment of healthy, engaged, informed and committed parents/caregivers and community that support family well-being.


Mission Statement


The South Cariboo-Early Child Development Team works together in the best interests of children, parents/caregivers and community to:


  • coordinate services and systems;
  • research, evaluate, record and share knowledge and information; and
  • promote best practices – striving for effectiveness, high standards and professionalism.


Guiding Principles/Values for Our Teamwork and Individual Practice


  • Prioritize Children First
  • Build Capacity
  • Ensure Inclusion, Diversity & Equality
  • Focus on Strength-Based Approaches
  • Be Respectful, Trustworthy & Nurturing
  • Safeguard Dignity
  • Maintain Mission & Vision-drive
  • Choose to Collaborate Whenever Possible