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Daddy & Me in the South Cariboo

Welcome to the start of another year of Daddy & Me. This is a free drop-in program designed to allow Dads a chance to have an evening out with their kids aged 0-6. When I say Dads, Iā€™m also including Uncles, and Grandpas too. We meet in the 100 Mile Elementary Gymnasium for a chance to run, play with balls, ride the toys with wheels and play a game or craft. The evening ends with a story circle and every child gets to bring home a book. Pizza and juice are also included.

For the families that have been a part of Daddy & Me for a while now, I have some good news. I have a lot of new books for the give away, so you will be sure to get one that you don’t already have. I hope everyone will be able to choose an exciting new book to read with your little ones at home.

The dates for Daddy & Me this year are October 27th and November 24th from 6:00 ā€“ 7:30 at the 100 Mile Elementary Gymnasium, the front entrance by the office.

Did you know that Daddy & Me has a Facebook Page? If you search for Daddy & Me ā€“ South Cariboo you’ll be able to join and get a reminder of the next Daddy & Me night.

Daddy Daddy

It’s Friday night! Come along with me,

To the school gym for Daddy & Me.

Daddy & Me, our night out.

It’s our favourite night, there is no doubt.

Daddies are one group and we are the other,

It’s our night out without my mother.

That gives mom a special night too,

The house no longer sounds like a zoo!

First comes play, then pizza pie,

Then story time, for Daddy and I.

We have to be there on Friday by six

There’s lots of toys, and balls for kicks.

Boxes to build with, and scooters to ride,

And in a tunnel I can hide.

Daddy talks to other dads while I play,

And we make new friends every day.


Submitted by: Kirsteen Wilson, Early Years Consultant @ South Cariboo Early Years Center